Mountain Meadow Medical Records

Welcome to

M is our favorite electronic medical record program. It has been in continuous use in Mountain Region Family Medicine in Gate City, Virginia since 2003. We like it because it simply works. It is quick and intuitive, and it's always available.

M is Open Source

The project is available to the public. You are welcome to use it to see how we do things if you are working on electronic health records, to learn about the technology if you are studying medical informatics or programming, or to join our work if you would like to build new parts.

We use e-prescribing with DrFirst Rcopia.

M is a Surescripts White Coat of Quality recipient again in 2013


The M project is in development and requires your own knowledgeable technical support. You will need programming skills and you must develop privacy and security protocols to prevent data loss, ensure uninterrupted availability and prevent harmful dissemination of protected health information in order to use the code appropriately.

The Road Ahead

We would like to become certified for Meaningful Use by the government's definition, and someday to provide the support needed for other doctors to use the program as we do. However our first priority is to provide the features which help us to be better doctors, including readily available notes, searchable text, reminders to ouselves, preventive medicine prompts, legible prescriptions, drug interaction warnings, orderly problem lists and convenient data entry.

Once an EMR is in use the world is wide open for even more quality improving features, but they typically require more work for the benefit. This includes effective data sharing between applications and institutions, data mining for quality assessment measures and patient viewing and modification of their records. It also opens up new challenges for keeping data available and secure at the same time. We are at various stages in accomplishing these features. If you are interested in helping, please contact .