I used to lie upon the ground

            And look up at the sky,

Before the vast eternal blue

            The clouds moved swiftly by.


Mine was a mind of childhood years

            Not formed nor set by fact

So, fairies, gnomes and elfish forms

            Paraded back to back.


I left the ground to fly aloft

            And sail celestial seas,

I plucked the down of angels' wings

            And floated o'er the trees.


There was no mooring to my mind

            It left me full and free

And ranged the fullest ecstasies

            That dreams afforded me.


But now I've stretched to my full height

            I am a lad no more,

I know the drama of the world

            And its companion score.


But still I lie upon my back

            And look up at the sky,

And forms and fancies yet appear

            To my still dreaming eye.


And now when I return to earth

            And its reality

I find there clutched in my tight fist

            Fine threads I cannot see.


THese threads become a tapestry

            I weave from off my heart,

And I can tell of mysteries

            That earth would not impart.