Just Sitting Here Thinking

Just Sitting Here Thinking


Essays and thoughts of Rev. J. Vance Eastridge

Family Picnic
Everyone needs a 'Walden'...
Homer,Did Anyone Ever Say, 'Thank You'?"
Remembering a brother on Memorial Day
I Went Back ......but, Couldn’t Find Myself
in Mountain City, Tennessee
Riding through life in my cars
Remembering old automobiles and friends
I heard a raindrop fall and it remade the day
"a little bit of heaven spilled over"
Recapturing a moment lost
Reminiscence in a garden
blooming in unlikely places
Ash Wednesday
What is on your forehead?
A Valentine from God
a Valentine's Day thought
Birthday Y2K
a reflection on time
Joseph cooked while Mary fed the baby
a realistic crèche in words
Trying to make Christmas match the Christmas card
a Christmas sermon
On Words
Son Brad makes the observation, "Words don't make gravy."
Lord, open your sky, and rain on me
While the parched earth thirsts for rain, a soul thirsts for God.
The Acolyte
On Brad's first procession as acolyte.
First Frost
False promises have consequences.
A Candle in the Window
A new Christmas tradition is born at the Eastridge's house.
The Father who couldn't be there when his son was born
A Christmas Meditation.

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Poems written by J. Vance Eastridge

A Fertile Mind of Wonder
I do not see a need to wait
I used to lie upon the ground
My heart doth all but burst
My Life Is A Herd of Horses
My mind has built a wall
Two canvasses
Stepping Stones
"Like stepping stones in mountain streams"
Can life be shaped?
Death is no companion for me
A defiant poem penned when hospitalized for heart symptoms in the 1960's
Morning thought
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