Mountain Meadow Medical Records

Customizing the Program

The chart note generating template is fully customizable by the user. You may use or alter the S-O-A-P-E (E for etc.) template or create one from scratch. You may also create templates related to a specific diagnosis that will be automaticallly merged with the SOAPE template whenever a new note is generated if that diagnosis is in the problem list.

Beyond that, the whole program is written in the format of Program Pieces that the program administrator can choose and install from within the Administrator's Console.

How to write or edit your own program pieces.

See our Tutorial on how to create these program pieces using Microsoft Visual Studio, using Professional or Express editions.

Reserved company names

Programming often requires saving data to the database that doesn't already have custom tables for it. We use the MiscellanousItem objects for that, defined in MM3Types and beginning with a unique CompanyUID. Within that CompanyUID sphere you can define your own subclasses of data to be saved and retrieved using ID1, ID2, ID3 and ID4.
For this purpose the CompanyUID must be globally unique, so the strings already taken are listed below. You may make up any string as long as you know nobody else is using it. Write to m eastridges < the dot sign> com if you want to reserve your own string.

Wesley Eastridge
EastRidges Medical Software (stands for Mountain Meadow version 3) You should reserve future versions as well such as MM4
Smart Data Enterprises