Mountain Meadow Medical Records

Stages of use:

Customize Program Pieces

M is customizable as it first runs, letting you create or alter chart note templates, medicines, preventive tasks and user preferences. However the modular architecture also lets the administrator choose which program pieces to plug in, making almost any enhancements possible.

Installing Program Pieces

Program pieces can be shared among users and if you have one you'd like to share, please notify us at You can designate which ones to remove or install in Tools, Administrator's Console, Program Pieces. Simply load the files (yourpiecename.dll and any supporting files needed) into the folder where the program files are so the Administrator's Console can find them, and tell it to load it. Program Pieces must be signed by the authors for security, and you will specify them with that signed code.

Writing your own

Program pieces can be written with Microsoft .NET programs, C# or Visual Basic.NET. The free Express versions are acceptible.

You can write them as stand-alone class libraries that reference the MM3Common.dll class library in the main code. Or for easier debugging and to see examples to follow it is probably best to go to the trouble of setting up and compiling the whole project as described in Work with program code. Then you can simply add your own program piece project to the solution and give it a reference to MM3Common.dll.
Either way, you will want to use your program piece with the main program downloaded from (so you can get upgrades as availale, etc) and that will have been signed with a different key than yours. No problem, your program piece will still work with the main project. Simply copy the output of your code into the folder where MountainMeadow3 runs on your computer and install it via the Administrator's Console.